Gutter brackets wear and tear

Gutter brackets hold the entire guttering system together. If it collapses, everything being contained will scatter across your property. Loose gutter brackets also cause the system to misalign, which leads to water being expelled down your property’s walls. This has many detrimental effects, such as damaging your property’s foundation and causing leaking inside the building.…


gutter checks

Spotting the most common gutter and downpipe issues as early as possible prevents any problems from escalating and leading to expensive repairs. Proactive checks on guttering allow property owners to reduce the risk of damage occurring due to problems with guttering systems. Conducting gutter health checks is especially important for older buildings. If you own…


Cleaning of wide gutters

Cleaning of wide gutters at Fidelius in Bath wasn’t an easy task for Clean and Bright windows this weekend. Gutters were full of water, leaves and in some places we found blockage, especially along down pipes. For large gutters we would rather use bigger sweeping brushes than usual common gutter scoops. Otherwise it would take…


Gutter cleaning in summer

Extreme temperatures, torrential downpours and lightning can all be detrimental to the integrity of your property’s guttering – especially if you haven’t been conducting regular gutter cleaning or routine gutter maintenance. Even if the weather is dry, it doesn’t mean that your gutters are safe from harm. High temperatures can dry out guttering and any debris that has…


Cleaning gutters in hot weather

Clean and Bright gutters went for another task at the weekend and this time were challenged by hot weather. Everything went smoothly with sun cream protection, they kept themselves hydrated all the time and not rushing anything. They have cleaned all gutters in that hot weather on 4 bedroom house without any problem.

heavy rains and dusty winds

We have made it trough another week with heavy rains and dusty winds. The dusty wind reached up to 45 miles an hour, which made our job impossible and unsafe that moment, especially climbing up and down ladders. Health and safety always comes first.

full buckets of moss

We have done another job on Saturday, cleaning both gutters on front and back. You wouldn’t believe how much of moss we cleared this time. We filled about three to four full buckets of moss. It’s worth checking your gutters now and then to minimise any potential risk of damage.