What is Fascia?

The fascia panel is the one mounted at the point where the roof meets the outside walls of the home and is regularly also known as the roofline. Unfortunately, not many people are familiar with these and only know about gutters. The fascia is the longboard that runs lengthways with the lower edge of the roof.…


Finlock guttering

Finlock guttering is very easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Concrete gutters are designed in blocks. The concrete guttering would be fitted and then a mortar is used to fit and keep them in position and fill the small gaps between the blocks. Mortar failing- it allows water to seep through…


Clean gutters saves you money

Times are tough. Since covid ended, another disaster has arrived – the war. With all these tragedies inflation has been rising up significantly. You may have felt it already and if not, you probably will like everybody else on the world. In these difficult times you want to spend your money sensibly well. So please…


Cleaning gutters in Audley Road

Clean and bright gutters team went for another mission on Saturday. This time we had to clean all gutters in Audley Road in and out, soffits, fascias and windows. Gutters were in such bad condition as they were filled up with moss and leaves in almost every part. And that’s because the property is surrounded…


Great ways to clean gutters

There are lots of ways to go about the task of cleaning gutters all of which are preferred by different groups of people. Therefore, if you’re in search of the best way to clean your gutters, you’ll just have to pick one method that best suits you. Cleaning gutters by hand are by far the…


Rise and shine

Are your gutters, soffits or fascias in a bad state, that you can barely just look at it. Is it all covered in moss and lost its original colour? Maybe you would give it good wipe by yourselves, but you struggle to reach the high bits. Well with Clean and Bright gutters you won’t have…


Clean is the healthcare of your house

We have done another fantastic job at the weekend, when we completely cleaned out gutters, soffits and fascias for our great regular customers in Bath. The state of it was an absolute mess. We took some pictures before and after the clean. For more info please go to on our social websites such is an…


Bank Holiday

We would like to let all customers know that we are not working on Monday as is a bank holiday. We will be back on Tuesday, the third of May. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend. 

Great to have a break

Clean and Bright gutters team are back from Holiday. It was great to have a break and relax for a change. We are looking forward to see all our customer again and keep cleaning their gutters to the highest standards we can.