Protect your home

Protect your home from water damage by hiring a professional gutter cleaning service Clean and Bright and forget about your problems with gutters forever. We provide great friendly service with free estimates. You can always find us on Google simply by typing clean and bright gutters. We cover whole area in Bath.

Working in Bloomfield Grove

Last Saturday we were working in Bloomfield Grove in Bath. The customer tasked for clearing all gutters out and cleaning all soffits with fascia as might be an impossible mission to reach some parts of soffits. With our long experience and great tools such is extendable pools with brush on it, we manage to clean…


Clearing out gullies

There was a big task for clean and bright gutters team yesterday as we were working on the top roof of three-storey house. We are extremely careful, when we work in those heights to reduce any potential risk of getting hurt. Better to do it slowly than rush into it and end up with an…


Gutter cleaning that never lets you down

Clean and Bright gutters team has been around a quite while, providing great, reliable and friendly service in Bath. We specialise in gutters, fascias and UPVC cleaning. All work is undertaken to the highest standards. Please don’t hesitate to ask for free estimates. We are gutter cleaning that never lets you down.

Christmas break

The Year is almost coming to the end and our Christmas break has just began. We will be off for two weeks and be back in first week of January. First of all we would like to say thank you to all our great customer for their custom and loyalty. It has been great journey…


frozen gutters

The most common issues, that your property may have to deal with during the winter, are frozen gutters. If you don’t carry out preventative gutter maintenance and industrial gutter cleaning, frozen gutters could spell disaster for your home, as water cannot effectively flow away from the building. Clearing out gutters before the temperatures drop is vital.…


Sweeping all leaves out

Another satisfied customer after we swept all leaves out and clean gutters at Lansdowne Mews in Bath. Gutters weren’t too bad as we cleared it properly last year, only gullies were piled up with loads of leaves. You could find more photos of the work we have done on our social websites as on Facebook,…


Clearing out gullies at Fidelius

Clearing out gullies isn’t an easy task to do, although not rocket science either. We went to do another job on Saturday morning, include cleaning gutters and gullies out at Fidelius in Bath. As you probably known we’ve experienced freezing cold weather over the weekend, which made it a bit awkward for us as our…


Prepare your gutter for winter

When you hear the word winter, nothing else comes to your mind than ice, cold, snow, and so on. All these elements are large obstacles to your gutters. That’s why you rather want to be prepare. First of all you wanna remove all the debris, then ensure there isn’t a leek in any gutter, make…