Rise and shine

Are your gutters, soffits or fascias in a bad state, that you can barely just look at it. Is it all covered in moss and lost its original colour? Maybe you would give it good wipe by yourselves, but you struggle to reach the high bits. Well with Clean and Bright gutters you won’t have…


Clean is the healthcare of your house

We have done another fantastic job at the weekend, when we completely cleaned out gutters, soffits and fascias for our great regular customers in Bath. The state of it was an absolute mess. We took some pictures before and after the clean. For more info please go to on our social websites such is an…


Bank Holiday

We would like to let all customers know that we are not working on Monday as is a bank holiday. We will be back on Tuesday, the third of May. Hope you all have a great bank holiday weekend. 

Great to have a break

Clean and Bright gutters team are back from Holiday. It was great to have a break and relax for a change. We are looking forward to see all our customer again and keep cleaning their gutters to the highest standards we can.

Clogged and leaky gutters

Clogged and leaky gutters can quickly cause more severe issues like sagging. Once you’ve noticed any overflowing water, then we would recommend contacting your local gutter cleaning professional as soon as you can. If left untreated for too long, standing water and other debris can wreak havoc on your system. If your gutters have started…


Keep your free time free

When you look around, you can see the nature has become alive again as plants and trees slowly start blossom and you know spring is almost here. With the significant change of weather usually comes rain as well. That’s why you want to make sure your gutters remain clear to avoid any potential damage on…


You will be amazed at the difference

Some gutter cleaning companies use the newest technology to clean gutters out by using hoover, pipes, cameras, etc. And don’t get me wrong it can be very handy in terms of cleaning gutters or gullies with an awkward access, but not necessary with all gutters. There are five straightforward steps how to clean your gutters…


Don’t be a victim of flooding!

Hire a professional and forget about problems with your gutters. Don’t be a victim of flooding and let us handle all your gutter cleaning needs. You can check some example of our work we have done in past on our profile with social media such is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Our last stop was in…