Call a specialist

If you want to get the gutter cleaning job done right, call a specialist. We clean gutters, soffits, fascias and UPVC. We also specialise in window cleaning such are sash & leaded windows, period houses, conservatories. All work is undertaken to highest standards. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for free estimate.

Spring showers

When spring arrives, it often brings warmer temperatures and longer days. This translates into a certain unpredictability, with the typical weather changing depending on where you are in the world. During spring, the sun’s position is quite high in the sky, leading to higher temperatures throughout the day and cooler by nighttime. We start to…


Hanover House

This weekend we were called to clean gutters and gully at Hanover House in Oldfield Road in Bath. The building is two stories offices surrounded by lots of trees, so it really needs a good maintenance overall. We found few major issues as there was a small three growing in one of the downpipes. I…


Old Fosse Road

At the beginning of this year we were contacted to estimate a job at Old Fosse Road in Bath. When we arrived I though to myself what a lovely house with a beautiful view. Anyway we looked at gutters and we booked it in couple months in advance as we were fully booked up then.…


Longfellow Avenue

Next difficult task we had to face on was cleaning gutters in Longfellow Avenue. Front of the property was pretty straightforward, just to set the ladder up and clear the moss out. It didn’t take very long. The rear side was’n that easy as we thought. The customer has got an extension builded at back…