full buckets of moss

We have done another job on Saturday, cleaning both gutters on front and back. You wouldn’t believe how much of moss we cleared this time. We filled about three to four full buckets of moss. It’s worth checking your gutters now and then to minimise any potential risk of damage.

Lucky with the weather

Another job completed by Clean and Bright windows, using right tools and purified water to maximise the great results. It was such a beautiful day to clean gutters, fascia and soffits, actually to do anything in this gorgeous weather. I have to admit, that we are quite lucky with the weather so far. Check our…


Springtime gutter cleaning

We all know that April showers are certainly not little, and not necessarily even in April anymore! But rainfall in spring is generally pretty heavy; this washes fine debris like silt and sand into your gutters which can easily form a blockage. Wet sand and silt weighs a lot, and this puts the guttering brackets…


We are back!

As you probably know, we had a week off in Easter. It was really great to have time for ourselves. I think it’s really important to have a time off now and then, to properly rest and come back refreshed and with more enthusiasm to work. We will be back to provide our great service…



Easter has finally arrived and it’s time for us to take a week off from cleaning gutters. Let us tell you a little bit about Easter. Easter is described as a Christian holiday which celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the date of celebration varies from March to April, depending on the date of the…


What do gutters do

Gutters’ primary function is to carry rainwater away from the roof of a structure. Rather than the rainwater falling from the roof to the ground and pooling up. A gutter system channels water away from the home. Having gutters installed to move away water can help protect your home against excess moisture and damage. Not…


Blockage in down pipe

We were cleaning gutters last weekend and everything was going well until we came up to a big issue. We have discovered a blockage in down pipe. A quite a lot of mud had build up in the bottom of down pipe. Unfortunately there was nothing we could do as bottom part of the down…