As we enjoy the lovely warm weather of the summertime, extreme temperatures and light from the sun may be affecting your gutters and piping. Damage from a clogged gutter can have a long-term effect on your pipes, affecting their sturdiness and structure. Additionally, the inside of your home can also suffer from mould, dampness, and insulation damage, if not treated. Blocked gutter can have a larger spread effect caused by the rotting of the substances that have been caught in the gutter, creating an unpleasant smell around the surrounding area. All of which will likely result in you having to pay out a large sum to replace your rainwater system, which could have been avoided if you were to have your gutter regularly maintained. Also hot weather causes pipes to expand, affecting their shape, area, and volume. This is called thermal shock, which is the rapid cooling or heating of an object and can lead to bursts or cracks, which could cause your gutters to leak. We believe that prevention is always better than the cure. It’s a wise idea to invest in a professional gutter cleaning service to ensure your gutters are properly maintained before you run into issues such as clogging.