Cleaning gutters in Newbridge

We went to work on Saturday morning as we were really busy in a week with our regular work. This time we have cleaned gutters in Newbridge in Bath as the one/off clean. The customer had a major leak over some parts of gutters. We had a look and found out there was a moss…

Make sure your building is prepared

Extreme temperatures, torrential downpours and lightning can all be detrimental to the integrity of your property’s guttering – especially if you haven’t been conducting regular gutter cleaning or routine gutter maintenance. Even if the weather is dry, it doesn’t mean that your gutters are safe from harm. High temperatures can dry out guttering and any debris that has accumulated…

Slide into fall fun with us

Slide into fall fun with us, because clean gutters are happy gutters. We carried out a gutter cleaning over the weekend at Queenwood avenue in Bath. We washed the whole front off. Removing all the dirt and moss out of gutters, soffits and fascia, so it looks like new again.

Clearing of downpipes

Clean and Bright gutters team went on another mission. This time we had to clear the blockage in customers downpipes. It didn’t take very long to spot the issue as the mud sat in the bottom of a down pipe. We unscrew the middle part of a gutter, just to get the pipe a bit…

Get your gutter cleaner

Are you tired and upset looking at your dirty gutters, which are covered in green moss. Get your gutter cleaner. We clean gutters and whole lot more. A prestige gutter cleaning service for domestic properties. We also specialise in all types window cleaning, conservatories and period houses. All work undertaken to the highest standards.